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Hi there! I’m Kathleen Prasad–an entrepreneur, author, educator and speaker living in beautiful Marin County, California, with my husband, daughter, dog and two horses. I’ve made it my life’s mission to help animals and their caregivers through meditation. My business, Animal Reiki Source, guides animal lovers to peace and wellness, while my nonprofit, the Shelter Animal Reiki Association, works to boost adoption rates by bringing animal Reiki programs to animal shelters worldwide.

It’s a Heartful Life aims to be an antidote to the message, “It’s a hard knock life.” Each week, IAHL will inspire readers with positivity and feature individuals, organizations and businesses in the areas of food, style, design, animals and travel who are doing great and positive things in this world.

IAHL is a lifestyle blog dedicated to healthy, heartful living–something that’s even more important to me now since becoming a two-time cancer survivor. When we remember to live life from the heart, we bring happiness, goodness and healing to our world. Thanks for stopping by!

It’s a Heartful Life is curated and managed by sisters Kathleen Prasad and Charlotte Jensen.

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Kathleen Prasad is an entrepreneur, author, educator, spiritual seeker and animal advocate living in beautiful Marin County, California, with her husband, daughter, dog and two horses. She loves being with animals, listening to hip-hop, eating out at vegan restaurants, riding dressage, hiking in the redwoods and traveling the world to meet animal people.

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